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Born in Paris, France, Vincent Lanty is an acclaimed pianist, composer and music producer in the french industry. With a background that includes classical training, composition studies, and advanced knowledge of modern music technology, he has become known for his unique musical voice, identified by his own original sound. As a composer, he uses a variety of writing approaches that involve orchestra recording, acoustic instruments, electronic sounds, synthesizers and music programming.

Vincent started playing the piano at the age of 6, then at the age of 7 he was admitted at the « Conservatoire Superior of Music » in Paris.

He started to learn musicology and sound engineering in Paris when he was 17. From 2008 to 2011, he had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles, CA and establish his network and relationships with music producers and professional musicians such as Robin Lemesurier (Rod Stewart, Tina Turner ...), Amy Keys (Phil Collins ...) and many others.

After touring throughout Europe and Asia as a pianist for different major artists, he began to pursue a career as a music composer fulfilling his dreams of combining his two favorite forms of art - music and composition.

For the past ten years, Vincent has been performing with national acts as well as international singers such as Rihanna, Celine Dion, One Direction, Rita Ora ...

He has collaborated with many world renowned directors and producers, as well as A-list industry composers who trust his creativity and deep understanding of contemporary arrangements.

In the past 6 years, he has been running studio sessions with orchestras, live bands for the well known show «The Voice».
He was the musical director and pianist on the most famous musical show in France, "Resiste" (more than 200 shows in one year).

In 2019, he composed, wrote and produced the new single "Qui Pourrait?" and "N'importe Quoi" of the French sensation Lou.

He also composed and produced "The Line" and "Undenying Feelings" performed by Cameron Frittz (2019)

Additionally to all this, in 2020, he signed a deal with one of the leading agencies and consultants in the world of music for images "Sizzer"


He has composed music for different campaigns such as BMW, Honda, AXA, San Pellegrino, Pokemon GO, Mulino BlancoVoltaren ..

In 2021, Bronwyn Silk has released her latest song "Like You This Way" produced and co-written by Vincent Lanty.

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